We are committed to building and shaping each client relationship, whether an individual, a family group, an institution or a charitable organization. As an independent, fee based RIA, we develop an individualized Investment Policy Statement which responds to your unique risk tolerances, liquidity needs, income requirements, tax position and any other unique financial and personal circumstances. Our process works as follows:

The objective of this process is to produce an optimum return for the amount of risk taken and, if required, for a specified level of income. The performance of your portfolio is measured quarterly and annually against mutually agreed upon benchmarks. Contact us today for more information.
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We first interface with your other trusted financial advisors to ensure that we are all focused on and managing to the same common objectives, your short and long-term financial wellbeing.

After this review, we develop together your personal Investment Portfolio Policy, which defines the maturity limitations, credit quality and range of exposures for each type of security used in your portfolio. Your Investment Policy Statement will be designed so that we can quickly adjust your portfolio positions in response to changing economic and market conditions.

We then select an initial portfolio of individual securities from our core list of approved securities which meet your agreed upon criteria. Your securities are held in your account with a qualified, unrelated custodian of your selection. You have unlimited access to this account through the custodian’s web site and will receive monthly custodial statements.

Next, we continually reassess each of your holdings, selecting new securities as appropriate and always managing your portfolio within your investment strategy.

As your personal and financial situation changes, or at least once a year, we review and revise your Investment Policy Statement with you so that it reflects your current circumstances.

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