Comprised of the portfolio managers and our research department, the Investment Committee formally convenes weekly to review the impact of any recent macro financial, economic or political events on the markets as well as any new information impacting owned securities. Quarterly, the Committee rethinks the firm’s overall investment strategy, reevaluates each of the owned securities, reexamines current allocation weightings and discusses new and alternative investment opportunities. 

The core list of publicly traded mid and large cap companies with strong balance sheets and cash flows, encompassing both growth and value styles is then approved for the portfolio managers to use in each client’s account as directed by the client’s agreed upon Investment Portfolio Statement.

Certain identified asset classes – global fixed income, hedge funds, mid cap real estate for example – require specialized management skills. The Investment Committee rigorously evaluates each fund’s performance and management before an investment is initiated.

Our adherence to this rigorous, disciplined analytical process has been critical to our long-term investment performance.

While disciplined, our investment approach is adaptive, flexible, responsive and independent permitting us to respond quickly to changes in the investment landscape. Our balanced approach of macro top-down and bottom-up research, as well as proactive investment management by our experienced investment team, is the best approach to support the goals of our clients. Contact us today for more information.
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